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During QUADs opening night of exhibition on Susan Pui San Lok‘s RoCH Fans & Legends, I created an interactive live art event, turning the event goers into martial artists live infront of them. Initially i explored the idea with some test stage images to try creating martial arts heroes from phone camera photos. Using Photoshop to paint and edit over the original photo as the viewer watches

I created the final image on the launch night during the 3 hour sitting of the open evening. Viewers took a photo of themselves in a fighting pose and emailed this to the artist to be incorporated into the piece.

RoCH Fans & Legends is an exhibition of new commissioned work by susan pui san lok, featuring single-screen and multi-screen moving image film works and animations for the gallery and online. This new work draws on fan uploads of over forty different media adaptations of The Condor Trilogy, a classic ‘new wuxia’ epic published in the late fifties by Hong Kong-based author Louis Cha (aka Jin Yong). RoCH stands for ‘Return of the Condor Heroes’. – See more at: http://www.derbyquad.co.uk/exhibition/susan-pui-san-lok-roch-fans-legends-0#sthash.QQHGbqhE.dpuf

Experimenting with the the basic set up for projection, i used Adobe photoshop and a Wacom tablet to create the scene, exploring the way fans interact with the thought of themselves within The Condor trilogy world.  The experience was something to be entertaining during the evening as well as giving guests an insight in how artists use digital software to edit the images.